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What You Should Know About AR Pistol Kits 

AR Pistol Kits are more popular than ever as many enthusiasts discover their versatility and almost endless customization options. If you’re considering AR pistol kits, here’s what you should know before gettng started.  Legal Concerns  Maintream news outlets are not the most accurate source for discovering the facts about AR pistol kits and pistols. Here […]

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Most Important Considerations with AR Pistol Kits 

All too often, AR Pistol Kits were viewed as fun range toys to show off with friends. However, others consider them too difficult to shoot accurately due to firing rifle rounds from a smaller, less stable platform. AR pistols are now accepted as viable shooting platforms for self-defense, hunting, and even competition venues.  Here are […]

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Common Applications for AR Pistol Kits

AR-15 pistols are immensely popular for a variety of applications, including recreational shooting, hunting, and home-defense. A range of calibers are available to fit your needs, as well as various barrel lengths and profiles. Just like AR-15 Build Kits, AR Pistol Kits can be customized in every way imaginable to create a truly unique firearm […]

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AR Pistol Kits

New ATF Rule Concerning Stabilizing Braces for AR Pistol Kits

A new rule that has already gone into effect will affect your customization options if you are a user of AR Pistol Kits. CBC Industries wants our customers to stay up-to-date on all legal issues surrounding our products, including our immensely popular AR Pistol Kits.  ATF Final Rule 2021R-08F “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached […]

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