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ar pistol kit

Common Applications for AR Pistol Kits

AR-15 pistols are immensely popular for a variety of applications, including recreational shooting, hunting, and home-defense. A range of calibers are available to fit your needs, as well as various barrel lengths and profiles. Just like AR-15 Build Kits, AR Pistol Kits can be customized in every way imaginable to create a truly unique firearm […]

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AR Pistol Kits

New ATF Rule Concerning Stabilizing Braces for AR Pistol Kits

A new rule that has already gone into effect will affect your customization options if you are a user of AR Pistol Kits. CBC Industries wants our customers to stay up-to-date on all legal issues surrounding our products, including our immensely popular AR Pistol Kits.  ATF Final Rule 2021R-08F “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached […]

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