Common Applications for AR Pistol Kits

AR-15 pistols are immensely popular for a variety of applications, including recreational shooting, hunting, and home-defense. A range of calibers are available to fit your needs, as well as various barrel lengths and profiles. Just like AR-15 Build Kits, AR Pistol Kits can be customized in every way imaginable to create a truly unique firearm like no other.?


Here are the most common applications for AR Pistol Kits.

Plinking/Range Use

AR Pistols are simply fun to shoot. Easily handled and incredibly accurate, the similarities to an AR Rifle allows you to throw larger caliber ammo if desired while not being encumbered by a bulky rifle. Plus, there is just a certain element of ?cool? in their appearance that makes them extra fun and flashy when plinking targets outdoors or at the gun range.?


Competition shooting is a huge draw and AR Pistols are very popular. Many competitions can be found around the country for every level of shooter. Contact your local shooting range and gun clubs for competitions in your area where you can enjoy shooting your AR Pistol against others for prizes and more. You can also search nationwide for competitions below:?


Self Defense?

AR Pistol Kits allow you to create a completely customized self-defense weapon that meets your unique criteria. Their short size and light weight makes them easy to handle in tighter quarters, like indoors or in a vehicle, when a rifle might slow your reactions. They are also easily stored in various types of vehicles, including cars, planes, or boats where space is at a premium. The AR platform makes it possible to choose from any caliber, so your self-defense weapon can be as powerful and as easy to use as you wish.?

Home Defense

For many of the same reasons above, AR Pistol Kits are ideal for creating a home defense weapon. Also, the short length makes them ideal for attaching a sound suppressor, which is something to consider if you have to use it in tight quarters like a home. In a home-defense situation, you would likely not have time to grab ear protection. In addition, a suppressor adds some length and weight to your AR Pistol, providing you with extra balance for better shooting in intense situations.?

Hunting/Hiking/Outdoor Exploration??

AR Pistol Kits can also be customized for any level of hunting, from small animals to large game. Builders can also create the ultimate companion firearm for hiking or outdoor exploration that offers plenty of protection against predators (animal or human). Their short size and light weight makes them easy to sling when a rifle might be too much.?

Explore the Options for AR Pistol Kits?

Browse the CBC online store and explore all the options available for AR Pistol Kits and customization accessories. Our production team of military veterans create the finest quality kits and components available anywhere, right here at our South Carolina factory. Contact us today with your questions or place an order now!?