AR-15 Build Kits

The popularity of the AR-15 needs no introduction. This is an iconic firearm with an established, honored place in American history. Thanks to impressive accuracy, a short learning curve, and nearly endless customization options, the AR-15 seems sure to retain its lofty status for many years to come. 

At CBC Industries, we are proud to offer an assortment of AR-15 build kits to our customers. As with everything else we sell, these kits are sure to meet your quality expectations, and you?ll be impressed by our competitive prices. Take a moment to browse through the selection of kits we have available to find the perfect set of components for your upcoming project.?

The Benefits of an AR-15 Build Kit

Purchasing a full AR-15 rifle is one way to take ownership of this type of firearm, but opting instead for a kit comes with a number of advantages that you simply won?t enjoy any other way. If you have been trying to decide whether or not to purchase a kit, consider the following benefits ?

  • Form a connection. There is no way to get to know your rifle quite like assembling it with your own two hands. You?ll get to know how all of the components fit together and may be able to troubleshoot any problems that may come up later on. 
  • Take pride. You can feel good about the fact that you?ve started with a kit and created something that is going to be one of your prized possessions moving forward. 
  • Ideal customization. One of the best things about an AR-15 build kit is how you can pick and choose exactly what you want to create the rifle you?ve been hoping to create. In other words, you don?t have to compromise on any features ? find the perfect kit for what you want today, and you can always make changes or upgrades to it later with new components. 
  • A modest time investment. With some basic mechanical skills, most people can assemble their kit in just part of a day, although you are certainly welcome to take it slower and enjoy the process, one piece at a time. 

Know Your Supplier

There are plenty of places to order AR-15 build kits, but unfortunately, not all of them are going to meet your expectations in the end. Working with a trusted supplier is important because not only will you get great parts, but you?ll also get excellent customer service. If another supplier is offering kits and prices that seem a little too good to be true, think twice about going in that direction. 

The Right Partner

Your search for the perfect AR-15 build kit can be put to rest now that you have found CBC Industries. Proudly located in Charleston, South Carolina, we take great pride in the quality products that we deliver to our clients. You?ll always be impressed by the quality of what you receive when ordering from us, and our prices are always fair. Place your AR-15 build kit order today or reach out to our helpful team directly for more information. We look forward to serving you!

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