Need a Smaller Option? Consider an AR Pistol Kit?

Every shooting enthusiast is familiar with the AR-15 rifle and the many options available in AR-15 Build Kits. But what about those who prefer a smaller option? As handgun enthusiasts and more female shooters are exploring build options, AR Pistol Kits provide a perfect alternative to a rifle that may be cumbersome, or for those who prefer a smaller firearm.?

What Is an AR Pistol Kit? 

An AR Pistol Kit is a set of components that when assembled make an AR-style handgun, as opposed to a rifle. AR-style rifles have a barrel of 16 or more inches and a stabilizing component designed to be shouldered. AR pistols have barrels shorter than 16 inches and no shoulder stock. They use a pistol buffer tube or other type of stabilization mechanism. A stabilizing brace designed for shouldering on a pistol technically makes it a short-barreled rifle, which requires a permit and may be prohibited in some states or municipalities.?

Rifle vs. Pistol 

When considering an AR rifle vs. an AR pistol, the same criteria apply to any other type of rifle or pistol. How do you plan to use it? 

  • Hobby Shooting
  • Competitive Shooting
  • Home Defense 
  • Personal Defense
  • Hunting 

Some considerations include: 


Even in terms of accuracy, how you intend to use any firearm will determine your needs. In general terms, a longer barrel contributes to better velocity and accuracy. This means less drift and drop at longer ranges. Longer barrels and higher twist rates also produce better stability and accuracy. 

However, if you are considering AR pistol kits, you must balance accuracy and velocity with stabilization. Higher calibers produce more recoil, making a handgun more difficult to control and maintain accuracy. AR pistol kits come in a variety of calibers, so choosing one that is manageable as well as effective for your intended use should be easy. 

Muzzle Blast | AR Pistol Kit

The muzzle blast from any firearm with an AR platform is loud, and pistols are considerably louder. The shorter barrel coupled with the AR-style platform lets sound escape with little to no barriers. With AR rifles, this is not as much of a problem, and suppressors are available to make it even quieter. 

When choosing AR pistol kits to build your own AR-style handgun, we recommend some sort of blast mitigation device, suppressor, or linear compensator. These, along with good ear protection, are helpful even outdoors. They are an absolute necessity when firing indoors, especially in a tactical, home-defense situation where ear protection may not be readily available or practical. 

Another important consideration is the muzzle flash. Short-barreled AR pistols firing larger ammunition produce a massive fireball that can temporarily blind a shooter, making any tactical situation worse. 


Where you intend to use your firearm is also of paramount importance when considering a rifle vs. a pistol. Long-distance shooting in the woods or range affords plenty of space to swing a rifle around when necessary. Tight confines within a room or hallway for personal or home defense offer much less maneuverability. 

While AR pistols are somewhat more bulky than traditional handguns, they are still considerably smaller than a long rifle. You must also factor in any custom mods you make to your AR Pistol Kit. Adding equipment makes the firearm more difficult to handle and can reduce maneuverability when you may need it most. 

AR Pistol Kits from CBC Industries 

CBC Industries offers many options in AR Pistol Kits so enthusiasts can choose the caliber, barrel length, and other specifications that fit their needs and desires. AR Pistol Kits are all about customization, so create the AR handgun you want that fits who you are and how you plan to use it. 
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