Most Important Considerations with AR Pistol Kits?

All too often, AR Pistol Kits were viewed as fun range toys to show off with friends. However, others consider them too difficult to shoot accurately due to firing rifle rounds from a smaller, less stable platform. AR pistols are now accepted as viable shooting platforms for self-defense, hunting, and even competition venues. 

Here are the most important considerations with AR Pistol Kits and what you should evaluate as you choose the best options for your particular application. 


When evaluating weight considerations, remember one primary factor: lighter is better with AR pistol kits. Look for lightweight fluted barrels, lighter handguards, and fewer options. The craze with AR weapons is ?accessorize, accessorize, accessorize,? but you are shooting a pistol, not a rifle. Every mod must be considered for its weight and what it adds to the overall weapon experience. 


Cartridge chambering is vital to your shooting application, so choose the best for how you plan to use your AR pistol. The standard is the .223 Rem/5.56 NATO cartridge with a heavier grain, which is ideal with a 1:7 twist rate. This makes even heavier projectiles more accurate. Several other ammunition sizes can be used with AR pistol kits, but be sure the size you choose fits your application. 

Muzzle Brake vs. Suppressor 

Choosing a muzzle brake (compensator) or suppressor depends on your preference and how you plan to use your AR pistol. Muzzle brakes and compensators expel gasses from the barrel to reduce recoil and muzzle movement. Suppressors muffle the loud report from firing. Both can reduce the muzzle flash. Indoor shooters would likely benefit more from less sound and flash; those needing more accuracy would probably need a muzzle brake or compensator. 


Sight options are many and varied and are categorized according to use. A simple red-dot sight equipped with a small dot and a large window is a good choice for basic range, target shooting, or home defense. It is easy to acquire the sights and get a decent picture for shooting. Magnified and other specialty optics are needed for longer-distance shooting, as with hunting or competition. 

Pistol Grips 

Your pistol grip is more than a means for holding your weapon. Grips can affect balance (remember the weight consideration above), so choosing the best grip for your AR pistol kit will materially affect your shooting efficiency. For example, a shorter platform would benefit more from a longer, more vertically oriented pistol grip. Ergonomics are also a factor, so trying out several different models to determine your best fit is recommended. 


A stabilizing brace, pistol brace, or arm brace is an attachment mounted to the rear of a firearm to help anchor it to a shooter?s arm for better one-handed firing. These accessories are widely used to help stabilize AR pistols due to their bulky frame and size. Most have a soft velcro loop that fastens around the arm or a stabilizing blade that can be held against the upper arm or in the elbow pit. 

AR pistol shooters must be aware of the new ATF rule concerning stabilizing braces for AR pistol kits. If your AR Pistol Kit with attached stabilizing brace meets the new definition of a rifle or short-barreled rifle under the NFA, you may need to take specific actions to remain legally compliant. 

AR Pistol Kits for Every Application 

AR pistol kits are available for every application from CBC Industries. Modern shooters of every stripe, age, and gender choose AR pistols for hunting, home defense, casual target shooting, and competition shooting. Shop our online store for the best AR pistol kits to meet your needs and desires.