When Should I Choose a Chrome-Lined Barrel for AR-15 Rifle Kits??

Choosing the best barrel for your AR-15 rifle kits is a big deal. While you may initially be concerned with critical factors like length, weight, twist rate, profile, and cost, another consideration should be how you plan to use your completed AR-15 rifle. 

Typical AR-15 barrels will be Chrome Moly (typically Chromoly or Chromoly Vanadium) or Stainless Steel. Each type has numerous sub-varieties, and the different alloys have varying wear characteristics. The quality of your barrel, your normal rate of fire, the barrel?s heat management characteristics, and the load pressure of your ammunition will all dramatically affect its life.

Builders planning to engage in extensive shooting or use their AR in adverse weather conditions may want to consider purchasing a chrome-lined barrel. Here are some reasons to consider this high-end application for your AR-15 rifle kits. 

Corrosion Resistance

Chrome-lined barrels provide exceptional corrosion resistance and will last longer under adverse conditions, including use in moist conditions. For this reason, the United States military uses chrome-lined barrels on their combat rifles. If it?s good enough for our military, it should be more than adequate for AR-15 rifle kits you build for your use. 

Extended Barrel Life

AR rifle barrels can generate incredible temperatures and pressures exceeding 50,000 PSI. This kind of wear and tear can wear out barrels. Sustained rapid fire does not allow this heat and pressure to dissipate, and it can become easy to ?burn up the barrel? in AR-15 rifle kits with a lower-quality barrel. Chrome-lined barrels have better protection against heat and pressure and will last longer under stressful conditions. 

Easier Cleaning

Chone-lined barrels are easier to clean. The chrome coating prevents buildup, so your cleaning chores are a snap. A few patches down the barrel and a light oil coating leave you ready for storage or more shooting. 

A Word About Accuracy

One disadvantage of chrome-lined barrels is the alleged impact on accuracy at long ranges. Chrome coating is reputed to leave a slightly irregular surface that may affect the activity of a bullet passing through the barrel. 

Depending on the distances you plan to shoot with AR-15 rifle kits, this may not be a problem. 

For most shooters, using a chrome-lined barrel is generally unnoticeable if any accuracy is lost. 

So Which Barrel Do I Need for My AR-15 Rifle Kits?

Which barrel is the best? If you plan to repel invaders or defend your property against zombies, a chrome-lined barrel should be on your desired parts list. More realistically, a chrome-lined barrel will give you the best barrel life if you plan to build an AR-15 rifle kit for use in difficult or taxing conditions. Others who desire to build a rifle kit to replicate a military-grade weapon should also choose a chrome-lined barrel. 

If you are picking out AR-15 rifle kits that will be mostly used for defending your family or your home, or you plan to do some plinking and medium-range target shooting, the extra expense of a chrome-lined barrel can be avoided. 

Some AR-15 Rifle Kits from CBC Industries come with 4150 Chrome Moly steel barrels, like the CHS-2 PATROL AR-15 RIFLE KIT. Others come with the standard stainless steel barrel. However, several chrome-lined barrels are available for order from our accessories collection. 

Browse our online store today for more AR-15 rifle kits and accessories to build a totally customized rifle for protection, hunting, competition, or just plain fun. 

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