Top Myths About AR-15 Rifle Kits

AR-15 Rifle Kits are about as wildly popular as they are grossly misunderstood. Misinformation from various media outlets is rampant, so we thought you should know the truth about these best-selling firearms. Here are some top myths about AR-15 rifles and the facts that refute them. 

Myth #1: AR Stands for ?Assault Rifle?

This is likely the most frequent myth perpetuated about AR-15 rifle kits and AR-15 rifles. Variations include the AR stands for ?assault rifle? or ?automatic rifle.? 


This Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) model resembles a military-grade rifle first used and popularized during the Vietnam War and is now commonly used by all military branches and law enforcement units. But the AR prefix comes from the original manufacturer of the firearm, Armalite Rifle. The number 15 refers to the 15th version of the original Armalite Rifle design.

AR-15 rifles, whether purchased as a kit or ready-to-use rifle, are not ?machine guns? that fire fully automatic. It is illegal to manufacture or buy fully automatic weapons without special permits. Fully automatic weapons are restricted to use by military and law enforcement. 

Civilian ownership of machine guns has been highly regulated since 1934. Federal law has prohibited the possession of newly manufactured machine guns since 1986.

AR-15 rifle kits enable the user to build a usable firearm that closely resembles a military-style weapon, but it shoots semi-automatic; this means they only fire one round each time the trigger is pulled. 

Myth #2: AR-15 Rifle Kits Are not Meant for Hunting

This myth is also common, even among gun owners. Some believe a ?kit rifle? isn?t suitable for hunting applications. 


AR-15 rifle kits allow for amazing customizability, so your completed AR-15 rifle can make a superb hunting rifle for numerous applications. Whether you are after smaller game in close or larger game at farther distances, AR-15 rifle kits come with various upper assemblies compatible with calibers typically used for hunting. Among the most common are: 

  • 5.56 Nato/.223 
  • 6.5 Grendel
  • 450 Bushmaster
  • .300 Blackout
  • .350 Legend 

Myth #3: AR-15 Rifle Kits & Rifles Are Not Suitable for Home-Defense

This myth still prevails although more users are building AR-15 rifle kits specifically for home and personal defense. This belief centers on handguns being more suitable than longer weapons. 


The incredibly lightweight and flexible design of AR-15 rifle kits makes them ideal for home and self-defense. Shorter barrels, muzzle brakes, and compensators can reduce muzzle flash and sound for close-quarters use or even from a vehicle. 

Myth #4: AR-15 Rifle Kits & Rifles are Illegal 

Despite numerous companies selling AR-15 rifle kits and complete rifles, some still believe that these Modern Sporting Rifles are illegal. This stems mainly from the misinformation mentioned earlier around the meaning of ?AR? and public disinformation. 


AR-15 rifle kits and rifles are completely legal except in a few states where semi-automatic weapons are erroneously considered ?assault weapons.? 

Myth #5: Anyone Can Purchase an AR-15 Online

This popular myth is perpetuated by anti-gun proponents. They would have the public believe that virtually anyone can purchase any type of firearm online, like ordering a pair of shoes. 


The purchase of AR-15 rifle kits and every other type of firearm is heavily regulated in the United States. Federal law requires background checks on citizens wanting to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer. Firearms purchased online must be transferred to the purchaser by a licensed FFL dealer, who will conduct their own background check.

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