Are AR-15 Build Kits Legal?

CBC Industries is a leading provider of popular, iconic AR-15 Build Kits that allow any gun enthusiast to create their own fully customized and functional AR-15 rifle for hobby use, hunting, self-defense, or competition shooting. Because of much misrepresentation in popular news media, many question whether or not AR-15 Build Kits are legal to purchase online or build. 

What Are AR-15 Build Kits? 

Just like any kit, AR-15 Build Kits are sets of parts and components that, when assembled, create a fully functional and completely customizable AR-15 rifle. This model of a Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) closely resembles a military-grade rifle first used and popularized during the Vietnam War and now commonly used by all military branches and many law enforcement units. 

All AR-15 Build Kits come with the necessary parts to build a basic functioning rifle. Customization options allow a purchaser to obtain various types of barrels, calibers, sights, grips, and other accessories for enhanced use or aesthetics. AR-15 Build Kits do not provide the buyer with components that allow the assembly of a fully automatic weapon ? AR-15s and other similar MSRs only resemble military grade weapons in their appearance. They are strictly semi-automatic weapons. 

Can I Legally Buy and Use AR-15 Build Kits? 

Federal Law in the United States affirms that AR-15 rifles are legal firearms. The uninformed and select others routinely confuse them and other MSRs with fully automatic ?assault rifles? because of their design and aesthetics. In fact, the AR-15 has been a semi-automatic rifle since its inception. Fully automatic rifles have a completely different legal definition due to their different function. 

The level of confusion and ignorance surrounding the AR-15 was once so prolific that the federal government restricted their sale and use for 10 years under an Assault Weapons Ban in 1994. Fortunately, education eventually trumped fear and ignorance and allowed their sale and manufacture once again. 

Today, AR-15 rifles are completely legal to build, purchase, and own. Some states, like California, continue to place restrictions that make buying and owning one more difficult. 

What About the New Rule from the ATF Concerning Privately Made Firearms (PMFs)? 

A new rule was signed into law by the United States Attorney General on April 11, 2022, and went into effect on August 24, 2022, that clarifies the definition of ?frames? and ?receivers? to ensure the proper marking, identification, and traceability of all firearms, including those assembled from kits. 

ATF Final Rule 2021R-05F ?modernizes the definition of a firearm and makes clear that parts kits that are readily convertible to functional weapons, or functional ?frames? or ?receivers? of weapons, are subject to the same regulations as traditional firearms.? 

The rule is intended to enhance the ATF?s ability to combat the manufacture of ?ghost guns? alleged to be used by criminals because they do not have trackable serial numbers and are sold without background checks. 

AR-15 Build Kits from CBC Industries 

CBC Industries is a reputable company located at 7333 Peppermill Parkway, North Charleston, South Carolina, that features a talented production team staffed with US veterans providing fully legal and traceable AR-15 Build Kits and other accessories for gun enthusiasts. You can be confident in the quality and legality of all our products and accessories, including the various build kits we carry. 

We welcome your questions about our products, company, services, or other concerns and pledge to respond to your inquiries promptly. You may reach us using the contact information below. 

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