Make a Personal Connection with AR-15 Build Kits

Do you remember the sense of satisfaction and pride from doing something yourself? Perhaps you built a bookshelf or piece of custom furniture from rough pieces of wood or created a new favorite dish for your family from scratch. Maybe you worked long hours to rebuild an engine or an old car and the first drive in it was uniquely satisfying. 

Gun enthusiasts can make the same kind of personal connection with AR-15 Build Kits from CBC Industries. We offer a wide assortment of AR-15 Build Kits that are sure to meet the highest quality standards. As you build your unique model of the iconic AR-15 rifle with your own two hands, you get to know it piece by piece, inside and out. You become more adept at assembly, customization, repairs, and use of your rifle by virtue of experience ? and that is something no one can ever take away. 

Personal Customization 

The popularity of AR-15 Build Kits centers on their potential for customization. Any gun enthusiast can build the exact rifle they wish and make plenty of upgrades throughout its lifetime. Choose the slate of options that make your rifle uniquely yours, from a virtually unlimited range of accessories

  • Afterburner Compensator 
  • Bull Barrel
  • Colors and Finishes  
  • Equipment Rails
  • Flash Suppressor 
  • Grips 
  • Keymods
  • M-LOK Handguard
  • Tanker Brake 
  • Thread Protector

Make a simple rifle outfitted for hunting; create the best tool for competitive shooting; build a flashy show piece to use at the range. The versatility of AR-15 Build Kits means there will be nothing else like it around. 

Learning How to Use Your AR-15

After forming an intimate knowledge from assembling your AR-15 Build Kit and choice of customization options, you can further strengthen your connection by learning how to use your AR-15 rifle effectively. Certain options may require you to become proficient with new skills or hone new movements that allow for the most effective use. 

New builders should practice how to handle their firearm often to develop muscle memory and effective motions for carrying, slinging, unslinging, aiming, reloading, and other uses. Over time, you will build smart and safe handling habits that only serve to enhance the connection you build with your new rifle. 

Ensure your weapon is empty and unloaded, then practice the following: 

  • Mounting, or bringing the rifle into firing position
  • Dry Firing/Trigger Discipline 
  • Scope Sighting/Aiming Techniques 
  • Inserting/Ejecting Magazines (from standing, sitting, and prone positions) 
  • Racking/Locking the Bolt 
  • Sling Use (for carrying and accurate aiming) 

Practicing Gun Safety 

Of course, learning to use your new AR-15 rifle safely is of paramount importance. Always practice the basics of gun safety whenever you handle your firearm. 

  1. Treat Every Firearm as if it Were Loaded.
  2. Unload Firearms When Not in Use.
  3. Stored Firearms Should be Unloaded, and the Ammunition Stored Safely in a Separate Place.
  4. Only Use Ammunition Designed for Use in Your Particular Firearm. 
  5. Keep the Muzzle Pointed in a Safe Direction.
  6. Never Point a Weapon at Anything You Do Not Intend to Shoot. 
  7. Don?t Depend on a Firearm?s Safety Mechanism.
  8. Be Sure of Your Target and What is Beyond It.
  9. Always Wear Ear and Eye Protection When Firing.
  10. Get Professional Firearm Safety Training.

Are you ready to get started with your own AR-15 Build Kit? Browse the options available from CBC Industries and order your kit today! 

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