Benefits of Using AR-15 Build Kits

If you?re new to the idea of building your own custom firearm, you may feel a bit apprehensive. After all, with so many models and top brands available off the shelf and ready to use, why consider building one from scratch? AR-15 build kits are a great way to dive a bit deeper into the firearms pool, and there are many variations available. If you?re wondering about building your own firearm, consider these benefits of using AR-15 Build Kits.

Build a Connection

There?s nothing quite like building something with your own two hands, be it a car, a bookshelf, or a custom AR-15 build kit. You get to know your firearm inside and out because you assembled it piece by piece. Any problems along the way you learn to handle, making you even more adept at assembly and maintenance in the future. Once your AR-15 rifle is completed and functioning, it just means more every time you fire it.?

A Source of Pride?

Anytime you start a project and complete it, there is a sense of accomplishment and pride. Your custom-built AR-15 rifle will be the first item you choose to show off to friends and family, as something special you built yourself. Whether it?s your first AR-15 build kit or you own a dozen, each will be a special source of pride and satisfaction.?

Make It Your Own?

AR-15 build kits allow for great versatility. Build the exact rifle you wish to create now ? then make other changes and upgrades to it later. Using a custom AR-15 build kit allows you to create a totally unique and specialized firearm with all the bells and whistles you prefer. Some options include:?


  • M-LOK Handguard
  • Afterburner Compensator?
  • Thread Protector
  • Keymods
  • Equipment Rails
  • Tanker Brake?
  • Bull Barrel
  • Grips?
  • Flash Suppressor?
  • Buttstocks
  • Colors and Finishes??
  • More??

Make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish. There will be nothing else like it.?

US Veteran Production Team

CBC Industries boasts a talented and skilled US Veteran production team working diligently in our own facility in North Charleston, South Carolina. If you wonder about the quality of AR-15 build kits we offer, you can rest assured they meet the high standards any vet will proudly stand behind and trust for their own firearm.?

AR-15 Build Kits with a Lifetime Warranty?

AR-15 build kits from CBC Industries come with a Lifetime Warranty to guarantee your total satisfaction with our products. We strive to produce only the finest quality rifles, parts, kits, and accessories for our valued customers. When you order and assemble an AR-15 build kit from us, you can do so knowing we stand behind our products with great pride.?

Browse AR-15 Build Kits Today

Whether this is your first foray into the realm of AR-15 build kits or you are an experienced builder, CBC Industries offers a wide selection of kits, parts, mods, and accessories to help you make your custom firearm totally unique. Browse our AR-15 Build Kits today and explore the possibilities.?


If you need ordering assistance, our customer service team is available to answer your questions or provide guidance. Call us at 843-818-4374 or email

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