What Makes AR Pistol Kits Illegal? 

Much controversy swirls around AR pistol kits, and many gun aficionados wonder if they are still legal to buy, build, own, and use. Let’s begin by making a definitive statement about AR pistol legality and then examine what can make your AR pistol kit illegal. 

AR pistols are legal to own in most states and are regulated by the ATF the same as any other handgun. 

As of this writing date, that is the law of the land. Some states and local jurisdictions may have more restrictions, so check your state’s and city’s laws for detailed information. 

Main Legal Considerations to Watch on Your AR Pistol Kit 

Now that we’ve established that AR pistols are legal let’s look closer at the common ways you could modify your pistol and violate the latest federal laws. 

  1. AR pistol kits and pistols cannot have a barrel exceeding 16 inches long, and the weapon’s overall length cannot exceed 26 inches. 
  2. An AR pistol cannot use a standard rifle stock.
  3. An AR pistol cannot have a vertical foregrip. It must have an “obvious angle” as quoted from the ATF. 
  4. AR Pistols equipped with stabilizing braces are now subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act. See the CBC Industries’ blog on this topic here
  5. AR pistol builders wishing to use a standard stock or in any way make their pistol longer than 26 inches must apply for a be granted a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) Stamp from the ATF. You MUST have possession of this stamp before acquiring or building a weapon falling under the SBR’s description. 

In order to obtain the necessary SBR stamp from the ATF, you must: 

  • Be at least 21 years old (18 in some cases)
  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Be legally eligible to purchase a firearm
  • Pass a BATFE background check
  • Pay a one-time $200 tax to register or transfer the firearm
  • Reside in a state that currently allows SBR ownership

How Can I Use My AR Pistol Kit?

Legal AR Pistols and pistol kits may be purchased, assembled, and used just like any other firearm. AR pistols are still popular, despite the confusion and controversy surrounding them. They make excellent weapons for the field, shooting range, and self-defense. 

Fun Target Shooting

AR Pistols are great fun at the range or in the backyard. They are incredibly accurate and handled easily by most shooters. A notable plus is the larger caliber ammo used without a rifle’s length, bulk, and weight. And they look incredibly cool! 

Competitive Shooting

Competitive shooting with AR pistols is immensely popular. Many fans are surprised to learn how many local and regional shooting matches are available for using an AR pistol. This alone makes building a competition firearm with AR pistol kits attractive. 

Outdoor Use

AR Pistol Kits are fully customizable for any type of outdoor exploration. Small or large game hunting is easy with a tailored AR pistol of your chosen caliber. Hiking and exploring with a powerful yet easy-to-handle and carry weapon makes the AR pistol a prime choice. 

Self and Home Defense 

AR Pistol Kits allow you to create a customized self-defense weapon that meets your unique criteria for home, vehicles, and more. Tight quarters inside a home, car, or boat demand a smaller weapon, and an AR pistol can throw larger, more powerful rounds. You can also easily attach a sound suppressor for indoor use. 

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