Major Considerations for Your AR-15 Rifle Build Kit?

Have you ever wished you could chat with an experienced AR-15 rifle kits builder? What questions would you ask? We?ve gleaned some valuable wisdom from other seasoned custom AR enthusiasts to share with our new builders. They share some major considerations you should avoid ? learn from their mistakes. 

Avoid Rushing Your Research 

We know you?re eager to begin assembling your custom AR-15 rifle kit, but haste certainly makes waste when building a firearm. You?re not buying tennis shoes on Amazon; you are choosing the kit and corresponding parts to build a precision piece of machinery. Slow down and compare kits to see what each one offers and includes. Ask yourself these critical questions: 

  1. How will I primarily use my completed AR-15 rifle? (Mission drives gear) 
  2. What are the must-haves for my rifle? (What do I need to fulfill my mission?) 
  3. What is included in the rifle kits on my shortlist? 
  4. Are all other components compatible with my rifle kit? 
  5. Should I choose a finished lower, a lower kit, or a stripped lower? 
  6. How long will it take to receive all the parts I need? 
  7. Should I buy an AR-15 rifle kit or just order a completed rifle? 

Don?t Skimp ? Choose Quality 

Again, you?re building a precision instrument here, so going the cheapest route is not advisable. As price points go, a basic AR-15 rifle kit can run from $400 to $1500. Anything above that is just icing ? it makes things sweeter but isn?t very filling. Save a bit longer so you can buy good-quality kits and parts and avoid suspicious manufacturers. 

Absolutely spend your best money on the barrel and bolt carrier group (BCG). This is where most of the wear occurs on any firearm. These two components handle metal-to-metal contact from action cycling and explosive cartridge ignition. This is also where most catastrophic failures occur. Look for an indicator that the BCG has undergone Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI-Magnetic Particle Inspected), also called Magnetic Testing (MT). 

Collect the Proper Tools 

Assembling an AR-15 rifle kit requires several tools. Breaking the bank for high-end gunsmithing tools isn?t necessary, but you will need a few specialty items to do the job properly. We recommend the following tools in your toolkit: 

  • Armorer?s wrench 
  • Small set of punches
  • Bench block
  • Small table vice
  • Multi-tool 
  • Nylon or brass hammer 
  • Clevis pins 

Some local gun stores or shooting ranges have build classes or groups and provide some of the necessary tools for a small fee. Working with other experienced builders can be a real plus for newbies. 

Know How to Stay Legal 

The National Firearms Act (NFA) has specific provisions concerning AR-15 rifles and build kits, and you need to learn how to stay on the right side of these laws. Issues with receivers, lowers, barrel lengths, foregrips, and AR pistol braces can run afoul of the law and result in fines and jail time. Review the NFA website thoroughly for information relating to your AR-15 rifle kit project. Some state and local laws can also impact your build. Contact a local gunsmith or professional at a local gun range for assistance if necessary. 

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