AR-15 Rifle Kits ? Tool, Toy, or Self-Defense Weapon?

Many gun owners are attracted to AR-15 rifle kits but for varying reasons. They are the epitome of form and function ? plus they look incredibly cool at the range or in the woods. Some enthusiasts equate building AR-15 rifle kits to opening a new gift at Christmas. What makes these simple engineering marvels so attractive? 

  1. A Tool: AR-15 rifles are finely tuned tools for precisely hitting targets at a distance. 
  2. A Toy: AR-15 rifles are sleek beasts that satisfy our needs for adrenaline and power. 
  3. A Weapon: AR-15 rifles are first and always weapons for hunting and self-defense.  

The Ultimate Tool 

Tools are only as useful as the hands that wield them. The same holds true for AR-15 rifle kits. Just like choosing the right tool for the job is critical to completing the job, choosing the best AR-15 rifle kit is vital to enjoying the best possible experience. Consider how you plan to employ your completed AR-15 rifle and then choose the best kit and accessories that fit that purpose. 

  • Hunting 
  • Target Shooting
  • Self-Defense / Home Defense 
  • Competition 

AR-15 rifle kits are available from CBC Industries Precision Firearms to fit every application. There are also loads of mods and accessories available for personalization. No two AR-15 rifles need ever be alike. 

The Ultimate Toy 

Make no mistake: the AR-15 rifle is not a child?s harmless toy. But it is in a sense a big boy?s toy that delivers a gratifying adrenaline rush every time you pull the trigger. Building your AR-15 rifle kit to your own specifications and desires and then using it is like nothing else. Push the limits and see just how skilled you can become at shooting it: 

  • Taking down distant game with a single precisely aimed round
  • Shooting tiny groups of well-aimed rounds at greater and greater distances 
  • Winning a competition between skilled and talented shooters 
  • Protecting those you love with dedication and might 

Learning to use a weapon like the AR-15 rifle well is a matter of practice, safety, and pride. Dedicating yourself to mastering your own custom-built AR-15 rifle kit breeds confidence and joy like no other hobby. 

The Ultimate Weapon 

AR-15 rifle kits can be built to fire numerous ammunition sizes for specific applications. These precision-engineered weapons are reliable, accurate, durable, and fun to build and shoot. Wonderfully appealing to look at, they are an even greater joy to own and show off at the range or in the backyard. 

They have also come to embody the core values of self-reliance and freedom that are the birthright of every American. Capable of repeatedly sending accurate rounds powerfully downrange, your completed AR-15 rifle becomes a point of pride and confidence. 

AR-15 Rifle Build Kits ? An Ultimately Satisfying Experience 

Are you new to AR-15 rifle kits? CBC Industries Precision Firearms has many build kits available now for immediate shipment. Plus, we have a wide selection of parts and accessories to help you customize your rifle and make it truly unique. Our Charleston, South Carolina, production team is staffed with US veterans who know what a high-quality firearm means to its owner. Plus, we offer: 

  • Free Shipping on online orders over $199
  • Financing Options with Credova
  • Lifetime Warranty 

Browse our online inventory and learn more about the AR-15 rifle kits we have available. 

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